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Garden Lounge Modern Art 1

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Let light into your life!

A modern pavilion in element construction with privacy slats.

The clever design with a floor area of ​​2.34 x 2.26 m and a height of 2.32 m results in plenty of space for hours of relaxation in the garden in an almost cubic room. Thanks to the slightly slanted slats, a garden lounge is created that is light and open jet retains a degree of privacy.

The complete element construction including solid wood floor enables easy assembly. 

The delivery includes:

  • Floor and roof elements made of 19 mm solid wood.

  • Complete kit including roofing felt for the initial covering.

Technical Details

Product details Dimensions
Wall dimensions W x L without roof overhang 226 x 234 cm
Floor area 5.3 m2
Ridge height (max) 232 cm
Volume 11.24 m3
Wall thickness 19 mm
Wall area 12.2 m2
Roof thickness 19 mm
Roof area 5.3 m2
Roof pitch 2.2 °
Snow load 1.6 kN/m2
Door opening x cm


The most important prerequisite for the correct construction of the garden house is a precisely leveled foundation. The condition of the subsoil is crucial for the execution of the foundation. There should be air circulation between the foundation and the floor elements in order to avoid waterlogging under the garden shed.

Instructions for the roof covering

For flat roofs, proven solutions such as KSK foil (cold self-adhesive roofing membrane) or EPDM foil are commercially available in various versions. Please ask your dealer for advice on this. A standard roofing felt is included in the kit for the initial covering (!). This should be checked regularly for leaks and replaced within a few months.

Treatment with wood protection

The ground frame of the garden house must be treated with wood impregnation for ground contact before laying. It is highly recommended to use strips or pads made of rubber granules to avoid direct contact with soil moisture. All untreated solid wood elements should be treated with a wood impregnation to prevent damage such as discolouration and wood rot caused by the effects of the weather and moisture.

Element connections - recommendation

As additional protection against the ingress of moisture, it is recommended to protect the connections of the element frames with suitable silicone during assembly.

A strip of silicone is simply applied to the frame of the element to be attached before screwing.

Required tools and aids

Packaging dimensions and weight

230 x 116 x 58 cm (L x W x H), 345 kg

Wooden Garden products contribute to environmental protection.

The FSC ®  label distinguishes those products that have been produced from wood and sourced from environmentally and socially sustainable forests that have been independently certified in accordance with FSC's strict guidelines.